• Amalfi Mandarins – Face & Body Scrub 695.00

    Discover Youthful Skin

    The mild, oil-free solution cleans away dirt and extra sebum from the skin. Citrus fruit like this inherits the presence of a very high concentration of vitamin C which leads to glowing and youthful skin. The huge & small granules in the double scrub technique help to clear blocked skin pores so you may have beautiful skin.


    • Cleans away dirt and grime.
    • Removes excessive sebum from the face.
    • Helps to clear blocked skin pores.
    • Gives a natural glow and youthful skin.
    • Boost in natural collagen production.
    • Increasing skin cell longevity.
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  • Glutathione Body Lotion
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Discover Beauty Companion

    Skinzey’s Glutathione Body Lotion is power-packed with the rich goodness of Glutathione, Kojic acid, Vitamin C & E, Grape seed essential oil and many more aesthetic ingredients which deeply hydrates your skin, improves skin texture, fighting the free radicals and reducing the skin dullness. Glutathione body lotion is all you need for your advance skincare.


    • Control Oil Production.
    • Promotes a more even skin tone.
    • Improves Overall Complexion.
    • Prevents acne and pimples.
    • Leave your skin feeling soft & supple.
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  • Mix Fruit Body Lotion
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    Discover Youthful & Firm Skin

    Skinzey’s Mix Fruit Body Lotion is loaded with mix fruit extract which provides all the necessary amino acids abd Vitamins to promote the skin’s renewal for a rejuvenated complexion, youthful and firm skin. It revitalizes the skin by expelling dead cells from the skin’s, restores the skin moisture and locks it for hours.


    • Provides great nourishment to the skin.
    • Lock the moisture & keep it soft, supple.
    • Maintains moisture balance of the skin.
    • Enhance the skin’s elasticity.
    • Promoting a healthy and youthful complexion.
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